Mattel: Pictionary Mall Surprise


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Just a bit of happiness to brighten up your Tuesday!

“See what happens when you take the time to play! Shoppers in Canada were in for a surprise: Mattel Games transformed what looked like a regular poster into a live game that offered surprise Pictionary challenges – and even more unexpected prizes. Get ready because games can happen at any time!”

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STHLM Panda: Abused in Elevator


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There are some ads, or social experiments as this one is, that you see that shock you into sharing. This is one of them. Created by STHLM Panda in Sweden using an elevator, a “couple” engages in a heated argument, leading to the man placing his hands on his partner, sometimes pushing her head to the wall or down towards the floor. But how many people would react to this happening in the elevator while they’re there? Would they step in and stop the harassment or look out for themselves and ignore the suffering of the poor woman? Ridiculously, out of 53 people who got in the elevator, only one, yes you read that right, ONE reacted. I am disgusted in the people who didn’t help, especially the woman who stated “at least let me get off first”. If this wasn’t a social experiment I think I’d be even more…

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Amanda Palmer on expanding her TED Talk into a book and getting a lesson in vulnerability from Brené Brown

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Amanda Palmer’s new book grew out of a simple fact: that she couldn’t cram every relevant story into her 14-minute TED Talk. So she has expanded her talk, “The art of asking,” which focuses on how artists can (and should) ask those who love their work for help, into the book The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help, about the need to ask for help more generally. And in another interesting twist for TED fans, the foreword to the book was written by one Brené Brown, who gave the fourth most-watched talk of all time, “The power of vulnerability.”

We asked Palmer a few questions about the process of turning her talk into a book and about the experience of working with Brown. Below, an edited transcript.

Would you rather have give your TED Talk 10 times in a row to…

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TED gets the SNL treatment, a 3-D printed exoskeleton, and a look at the meaning of ‘yep’ versus ‘yup’


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The members of the TED community have been very busy over the past two weeks. Below, news briefs on what a few have been up to. We’ll start with a few funny bits, and work our way down from there.

Talks, courtesy of SNL. We were highly amused to see the sketch “DEF TED Talks Jam” on Saturday Night Live last weekend, featuring “ideas from downtown.” Check it out — but beware, it’s not quite safe for work. (Also, take a look at 11 of the funniest TED spoofs and what speakers can learn from them.)

Net neutrality: a guide for dummies. John Hodgman — a smart, funny man — deposits a plain-spoken defense of net neutrality on his Tumblr. (Watch John’s TED Talk, “Design, explained.”)

‘Yep’ versus ‘yup.’ Anne Curzan weighs in on when different variations of the word “yes” appeared in the English language in a…

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